Learning Environment

The learning and teaching program at 澳门六合彩开奖记录资料 is both dynamic and innovative, catering for the students鈥 spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical development. Students are challenged to be creative, critical and reflective thinkers and to develop a broad and transferable skill set.

Opportunities for both independent and collaborative learning are provided and contemporary technologies are integrated throughout the learning and teaching program.

The learning environment caters for a diverse range of student abilities with specially tailored support programs and enrichment opportunities for highly able students. We recognise the integral role that parents play as co educators of our students and encourage parents to be active participants in their daughter鈥檚 education.

Students are surrounded by strong female role models, in both their peers and former collegians, who encourage them to strive to achieve through effort and persistence and to pursue their interests in any given field.

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